Students come together in rustic locations across the country to experience a week of outdoor living. They are challenged to go

beyond surviving and to learn to thrive—in the wilderness, and in Christ. One of our most popular programs, Survival focuses on teamwork and spiritual growth.


As they work alongside their teams, students prepare meals outdoors, participate in competitions and team-building exercises, and learn to build each other up. Challenging messages and a week of living fully immersed in God’s Word and the beauty of His creation combine to create a powerful, life-changing experience.


Highlights include worship under the stars, shooting sports and group debrief times. Activities at Survival are both fun and purposeful, using a hands-on approach to encourage students to apply lessons to their personal lives and reinforce their grounding in the gospel.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, as they enrich the spiritual depth of the week. Parental involvement is voluntary: come to watch and learn, or serve alongside our staff and help with different program elements. 


At ASAP, the skills students learned at Survival are put to the test as they step into more challenging survival scenarios.


They experience even more adventures and learn to navigate them with continued in-depth training. 


Students work with their teams to design and build shelters where they sleep for the week. They learn to find and prepare food, to assess and perform first aid in wilderness situations, and to work together on team-building assignments.


Solid Biblical teaching, worship under the sky, and time for personal devotions in the beauty of creation round out the experience, and teens are challenged to put the same energy into their walk with the Lord that they do into surviving in the wilderness.


ASAP is a life-changing time of learning survival skills, building life-long friendships, and growing closer to the Lord.

To attend ASAP you must attend Survival first. Additionally, you'll fill out an application when you go to register.  This event has limited space so get your application in soon. Apply today!